November 24, 2022

ZIA Innovation Radar 2022 includes REexpect GmbH

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The ZIA Zentraler Immobilien Ausschuss e.V. has included REexpect GmbH in the Innovation Radar 2022. Every year, this radar features the best practice innovations in the real estate industry at a glance. We are very pleased to now be a "dot" on this overview in the "internal innovations" section.

Giving the real estate industry a comprehensive and unified representation of interests - that is the goal of the Association of entrepreneurs and associations ZIA. Since 2017, the comprehensive network of best practice reports has produced an innovation radar that is freely accessible online: This overview gives all industries along the real estate value chain the opportunity to keep their finger on the pulse and keep new technologies on their radar at an early stage.

As part of the ZIA Innovation Congress on November 24, 2022, the award-winning submissions for the Radar were presented at the Umweltforum Berlin. Our Managing Director, Yannik Neidiger, took part in the exciting event under the motto "Disrupt meets Innovation". "I am very pleased to see our still young company placed at such an event. This confirms to me that we are on the right track with SmartDocs. The ZIA has succeeded in putting together an exciting program with plenty of practical input.says Neidiger. 

What innovation did we submit?

With our product SmartDocs we improve internal processes in real estate management by reducing manual effort for the management of various (tenant) correspondences. SmartDocs is our SAP® AddOn for uncomplicated correspondence output directly from your SAP® system
out. Bundled and without detours via mail programs.

The intelligent linking of documents and the display of a wide variety of correspondence types in one monitor, solves several problems at once:

  1. You can find transactions much faster, e.g. because your customer or supplier requests the documents again.
    -> The new shipment is only one click away!
  2. You know exactly what the status is for sending the document. Document flow control allows you to
    No one is fooling you with an X for a U.
  3. A status traffic light alerts you when there is something left to do.

You can activate individual modules for many correspondence types, which are displayed in the SAP® Monitor as additional tabs. show up. After a targeted selection, you can see at a glance which documents have been generated and have the correspondence output under control at all times thanks to the completeness function, document flow and status display.

We thank you very much for this award!