September 16, 2021

REexpect SmartDocs: Tenant communication made easy

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Manage your real estate in SAP® RE-FX easier than you think - with REexpect at your side! Our experienced customizing specialists ensure faster processes with our AddOn and reduce the time required for processing and sending documents.

REexpect SmartDocs is our SAP® AddOn for the uncomplicated dispatch of tenant correspondence directly from your SAP system. Bundled and without detours via mail programs. Let REexpect SmartDocs search for related documents, such as general cover letters, turnover rent statements and service charge statements. Directly from the add-on - without setting up SAP® message control - you can send everything in one go.

You no longer need to go through the hassle of finding out whether your colleague has already sent something. If tenants want to receive documents again, you no longer need to search for them at length. And questions such as "Where is the invoice for the turnover rent statement?" also become obsolete. REexpect SmartDocs is your SAP® helper that takes care of all these things for you. More transparency, less stress!