September 16, 2021

Consult-SK founds subsidiary REexpect

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P2P, O2C, POS data archiving - the optimization of these processes is CSK's core SAP expertise. But what is hardly noticed from the outside: The consultants and developers also know their way around the RE-FX module. In order to be able to communicate this better, CSK has founded a wholly owned subsidiary, REexpect GmbH.


"REexpect" means "against expectations" and stands - besides the little hint to the SAP module in question - for consulting services that exceed your expectations. With many years of experience in process optimization for large property managers, Yannik Neidiger, Head of Product and Project Development at CSK, takes over the management of REexpect GmbH. What is the credo of CSK's daily work also applies to REexpect GmbH: Processes. Simple. Better. and looking for solutions instead of construction sites. This is consistently reflected in customer consulting, in software solutions and in the way we work.
Manage your real estate in SAP RE-FX easier than you think...

...with REexpect at your side! Our experienced customizing specialists ensure faster processes with proven add-ons and reduce the time required for processing and sending documents. To achieve this, you have access to

REexpect SmartDocs back. The SAP solution for the uncomplicated dispatch of tenant correspondence directly from your SAP system! With our latest in-house development, we are pleased to be able to offer another tool that makes everyday work easier and ensures greater transparency in the SAP system.