September 22, 2022

Payment advice reprint in SAP: No problem with SmartDocs

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You want to reprint a form, e.g. because you have made a change. Sounds simple, but in SAP it can require calling different transactions. With SmartDocs you are spared these detours.


During the payment run (transaction F110), the payments to the vendors are cleared and posted accordingly. During the clearing, open items are automatically identified and cleared and the payment media are created. After a successful payment run, the payment advices can be sent to the customer via a selected route. Frequently, the payment advices are printed from SAP or sent via a detour by mail program.

So far so good. However, it becomes problematic when your vendor requests the payment advice again because he has not received it or a change to the form is necessary. Often, SAP users then use a small workaround via various transactions to trigger printing/sending again.


Reprinting a payment advice: This is how it's easier

Our SAP AddOn SmartDocs facilitates the reprinting of payment advice notes, but also of other typical FI forms such as direct debit notices, reminders and outgoing invoices. In ONE monitor, you will find an overview of the correspondence for the respective vendor/customer, you can see which transactions have already taken place by means of a status traffic light and you can trigger the reprint or the resend by e-mail directly from this monitor.

SmartDocs links the created advices with the vendor and the document. The selected sending method is displayed (with the current status) and there is an option to send a separate e-mail to selected recipients or to output in bulk with other advices. The attached advices can be called and reprinted at any time.

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