March 10, 2022

SmartDocs Suite: Transparent output of SAP® FI correspondence

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Payment advices, reminders, debit memo notifications - there is a multitude of FI correspondence in SAP®. Accountants / clerks have to expend a lot of effort to keep track of this. We are now remedying this situation by implementing SmartDocs technology in SAP® FI/CO as well. 

Various examples from our customers' everyday work have shown us that there is a clear need to create more clarity in the area of FI correspondence output. And our SAP® AddOn SmartDocs is exactly the right helper here, because: What ensures order in the RE-FX module also works in FI/CO!  

The intelligent linking of documents and the display of different types of correspondence in one monitor solves several problems at once: 

  1. You can find transactions much faster, e.g. because your customer or supplier requests the documents again -> Re-dispatch is only one click away!
  2. You know exactly what status the document has for dispatch. Thanks to document flow control, no one can fool you into thinking it's an X for a U. 😉
  3. A status traffic light alerts you when there is something left to do. 


Screenshot SmartDocsSuite

Module-based solution for individual requirements 

With the SmartDocs Suite, we have completely rethought our add-on. We start where document output takes place. We want to make these processes as transparent and clear as possible.  

You can activate individual modules for many correspondence types, which appear as additional tabs in the SAP® Monitor. After a specific selection, you can see at a glance which documents have been generated and have the correspondence output under control at all times thanks to the completeness function, document flow and status display. Dispatch directly from SAP® is also possible. 

Does that sound like an interesting solution to you? Then let's get talking! Your contact person: Yannik Neidiger, +49(0)571 783435 11, [email protected]