20 July 2023

Rent and service charge settlement for several rental units

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SAP RE-FX is a powerful solution that helps companies efficiently manage their real estate and lease administration. However, challenges can arise especially when accounting for rents and service charges for multiple rental units, which we would now like to take a closer look at.


The problem:

Many companies do not just manage a single rental unit, but own or manage a large number of properties that are leased to different tenants. Each rental unit has its own individual contractual terms and billing modalities for rent and service charges. This can lead to various difficulties:

  1. Complex contract structures: Companies often have different types of leases that need to be mapped in SAP RE-FX software. Each contract can have its own rules and billing methods, which makes billing more complex.
  2. Time required and error-prone: Manual accounting of rents and service charges for a large number of rental units is time-consuming and prone to errors. There is a risk of miscalculations or forgotten items, leading to tenant dissatisfaction and potentially financial loss.
  3. Data consistency and traceability: Monitoring payments, invoicing and monitoring open items for multiple rental units require a high degree of data consistency and traceability. A cluttered system can compromise these aspects.


Solution approaches:

Is there hope for those facing these challenges? Yes, fortunately SAP RE-FX offers some powerful tools and functions to address these issues:

  1. Skillfully structure leases: Smart structuring of leases in SAP RE-FX can help manage complex contract terms. The software makes it possible to create different contract types and introduce individual clauses for rent and service charges.
  2. Automation of billing: Automation of billing processes is an enormous time saver. By configuring automatic calculations and billing runs, errors can be minimized and time spent can be significantly reduced.
  3. Integration with financial accounting: The seamless integration of SAP RE-FX with financial accounting simplifies the monitoring of payments and open items. This ensures data consistency and increases traceability.
  4. Monitoring and Reporting: By implementing dashboards and reporting, you can continuously monitor the performance of your properties and contracts. This allows you to respond to potential issues in a timely manner and make informed business decisions.


The management of the typical user problem with the Rent and service charge settlement for multiple rental units requires smart use of the features and capabilities of SAP RE-FX. Through clever contract structuring, automation, integration and meaningful reporting, companies can overcome these challenges and make their property management efficient and successful.

Investing in in-depth staff training and working with experienced SAP consultants can ensure the system runs smoothly and lead to long-term success.