15 June 2023

SAP RE-FX: Maintain Rental Unit (ME)

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In the SAP RE-FX module, different paths lead to Rome or to the maintenance of a master data object. In principle, two paths are possible in the first step: The call via an object-specific transaction or via the RE Navigator (transaction RE80). There are also different ways within the transactions to maintain an object/rental unit. In this article, we show how these can look like and start from the SAP standard menu.


What is a rental unit?

The rental object (MO) "Rental unit" is a usage view object and is created as a complete rentable or leasable object. If integration to the architectural view is available, the rooms of a building can be assigned to a rental unit. As soon as a valid real estate contract is linked to the unit, it is considered rented.

RE-FX: Create rental unit

In order to be able to create a rental unit, the existence of the superordinate usage view structure is required, including the objects "Building" and "Business entity". If this prerequisite is met, users can access it via the menu path

Accounting -> Flexible real estate management -> Master data -> Edit rental object

to the "Rental object" monitor. Here, the entry "Business entity" can be selected in the navigation area in the object overview. The navigation area is displayed directly when transaction RE80 is called up or can otherwise be displayed using the button.

Enter the number of the accommodation unit (CU) including the company code below the "Business entity" entry or search for the CU number using the button (search help). Afterwards, confirm your selection by pressing the button . Via
the structure tree, navigate to the corresponding parent building.

After right-clicking on the building, follow the path below in the context menu:

Create ⟶ Rental object ⟶ Rental unit⟶[Usage type]

The usage type of a rental unit (RU) has a controlling effect and cannot (should not) be changed after it has been saved for the first time, as this leads to data inconsistency in many areas.

The procedure described above means that certain assignments (company code, BE, GE) are already pre-set in the new rental unit. The following data can be maintained in the individual tab pages:

  • Type of the rental object
  • Company code
  • Business entity
  • Rental object (number of the rental unit, which is assigned consecutively by the system for each GR and is displayed when the object is saved for the first time, consists of company code, GR and GR number)
  • Building
  • Usage view
  • Description of the rental object (free text field)
  • Valid from (date inherited from parent building -> only to be maintained if different).
  • (Valid) Until ⟶ date of a ME; to be maintained if the object is to be terminated (plausibility check against the validity of a superordinate object.
    Existing (see field "Up to usual") ⟶ME must not be valid longer than the superordinate
  • Valid-from trans. Object ⟶ Inherited valid-from date of a parent object.
  • (Valid) To over (object) ⟶ Inherited valid-to date of a parent object.
  • Address ⟶ inherited address from a parent object


Rental unit in SAP RE-FX: Tabs

In the tab/tab "Occupancy" the occupancy status of a ME is displayed, more precisely: the information whether the rental unit is assigned to a contract. Manual maintenance is not required. In the detail area (Open folder), the corresponding contract is displayed and can be accessed from here.

Under the tab "Booking parameters" you can find the rooms of a rental space from the architectural point of view, here the area sizes are displayed. In the clause "Organizational assignment" (by clicking on the corresponding cell
in the first column), the business area as well as the profit center can be maintained using the search help.

The tab "Architecture" is the right starting point to assign rooms (architectural objects) that are to be rented. In the standard case, the "Complete assignment" is selected here -> in the mask, the corresponding rooms can be selected by setting a check mark. Confirmation (green hook) not forgotten. This results in the maintenance of the "Valid from" field. In addition, the "Valid until" field can be maintained.

In the "Resubmission you can optionally store resubmission dates for a rental unit.


RE-FX Display/change rental unit

Call up the "Edit rental object" transaction. Use the button to display the
navigation area and select the "Business entity" entry in the object overview.

Accounting⟶ Flexible Real Estate Management ⟶ Master Data
⟶ Edit rental object

Enter the GR No. below the "Business entity" entry or search for the GR No. using the button. Then confirm your selection with the pushbutton . Use the structure tree to navigate to the corresponding rental unit.

To change data, switch via the button in the application menu bar
to switch to the change mode. The fields that can be changed directly are
The fields are either highlighted in white or the button appears (on the right) next to a field that can be changed. Other fields cannot be changed (e.g. usage type etc.).To end a rental unit, maintain the valid-to date in the "General data" tab.

Do not forget to save!