31 May 2023

RE-Navigator: Controlling the Real Estate Life Cycle with SAP RE-FX

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Effective Real Estate Management with the RE Navigator from SAP RE-FX

Effective real estate management is key to the success of modern businesses and organizations. With the right real estate lifecycle management tool, companies can reduce costs, streamline processes and increase profitability. This is where RE Navigator comes in. As an integral part of the SAP RE-FX module, RE-Navigator offers a holistic solution for controlling and monitoring real estate.

What is the SAP RE Navigator?

The RE-Navigator is a powerful tool within the SAP RE-FX module. It is designed to help companies efficiently manage their real estate lifecycle. With a user-friendly interface, RE Navigator provides a comprehensive overview of real estate objects, contracts, payments and more. Thanks to its integration with other SAP modules, such as Finance and Human Resources, it enables a smooth exchange of information and optimized business processes.

Main functions and advantages of SAP RE Navigator

RE-Navigator enables companies to effectively manage the real estate lifecycle. Its core functions include the management of real estate acquisitions and sales. Companies gain deep insights into market conditions, location valuations and rental price trends to make informed decisions.

The contract management function of RE-Navigator allows companies to monitor all real estate contracts centrally. From rental to maintenance contracts - everything can be easily created, modified and extended. In addition, RE-Navigator ensures efficient monitoring of payments and contract conditions.

For companies that want to optimize their use of space and floor space, RE-Navigator also offers powerful space management tools. This enables precise allocation of costs and effective space utilization.