May 29, 2024

E-invoicing in the SAP RE-FX module: Simply convert pay per use to ZUGFeRD!

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We specialize in helping you overcome technological hurdles in the area of RE-FX as a reliable SAP partner. A core area of our work: More transparency and automation in tenant communication! If you still have invoices floating around in PDF format, we have a quickly integrated solution for converting them to ZUGFeRD format.


What is ZUGFeRD?

ZUGFeRD stands for "Zentraler User Guide des Forums elektronische Rechnung Deutschland" and describes a hybrid invoice format. It combines machine-readable XML data with a human-readable PDF document. This dual structure makes it easier for companies to process invoices efficiently, as manual data entry is no longer necessary. ZUGFeRD offers considerable advantages for B2B companies in particular, as it speeds up the invoicing process and reduces errors. Although ZUGFeRD is already an established standard, its consistent use will be mandatory from 2025.


The challenge of conversion

Many companies continue to use PDF invoices as they are widely used and easy to create. The challenge lies in converting these PDFs into the ZUGFeRD format in order to benefit from the aforementioned advantages. This is where special tools come into play that automate this conversion process. Our tool is cloud-based and offers precisely this functionality.


Our Cloud Invoice Conversion Service (CICS)

Our solution for converting PDF invoices into the ZUGFeRD format is innovative and cloud-based. Customers can use our conversion tool on a pay-per-use model, which means they only pay for the services they actually use.

Our tool is seamlessly integrated into the customer's SAP system, regardless of whether it is SAP ERP on Premise, S/4HANA or another version. This integration is done via an API that enables fast and smooth conversion. With our cloud tool, you can make the transition to electronic invoices smoothly and efficiently without having to make extensive changes to your existing systems.

Converting PDF invoices to the ZUGFeRD format is not a complex IT project and we don't want to sell it to you that way. Because we offer solutions and not construction sites. However, it can be a good opportunity to put your document processes in tenant communication to the test and see where there is potential.

The Cloud Invoice Conversion Service (CICS) is perfectly integrated into our in-house development SmartDocs. SmartDocs and CICS are the perfect match for the automated dispatch of typical FI forms such as service charge statements, direct debit notifications, reminders and outgoing invoices. You will find an overview of your correspondence in ONE process monitor and can immediately see which processes have already taken place.

SmartDocs is successfully used in RE-FX by well-known retail companies and ensures transparency and a reduction in workload. With the support of REexpect GmbH and our cloud-based conversion tool, you can make the transition to the ZUGFeRD format a smooth one. Seize the opportunity!